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Home Remedies for Chigger Bites

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As the weather begins to warm up outside, you may encounter mosquito, tick, and chigger bites. Even though chiggers can be difficult to see, you can be covered in itchy bites before you even know that you have come in contact with chiggers. Typically, chigger bites do not require a visit to the doctor but they can be extremely uncomfortable due to the constant itching. There are natural home remedies that effectively deal with the symptoms. Of course, if symptoms go beyond itching seek the advice of a medical professional.

What Is a Chigger?

A chigger is a tiny red parasitic insect that is so small it is difficult for you to see them with the naked eye. They tend to be outdoors, clustered in groups of thousands. You can find them in bushes, tall grasses, or near bodies of water. They also tend to hang out with small rodents. Even though they do not burrow into your skin, they do inject digestive enzymes into the skin and then feed upon the decomposed tissue. As a result, you may have red itchy welts or even blister looking spots. Typically the spots and itching symptoms will persist until the skin heals.

What Are a Few Options for Home Remedies?

Some of the home remedies that may be effective for the treatment of chigger bites include: 

  • Use lemon juice for itch relief; however, you should dilute it in water before applying it directly to the surface of your skin. 
  • Combine lime juice with Coconut oil to dry out the bite. 
  • Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory that can provide cooling relief.
  • Mint tea can also be an effective treatment for itching.
  • A cold shower, cold compress, or ice pack can reduce inflammation and numb the skin, making the itching easier to bear.
  • Combining one part water with three parts baking soda creates a baking soda paste that can reduce itching. This can be quite messy when the water dries.
  • Combine honey and cinnamon in equal parts to keep the skin moist, prevent infection, and alleviate itching. This smells great but can also be quite messy.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and antiseptic. Dilute with water at a 1:1 ratio to avoid stinging on contact. 
  • Powdered Neem leaves or boiling the leaves in water for approximately 15 minutes and applying them to your bites after they cool may relieve the itch.

If you want a treatment that does not require creams or recipes, that simply works fast and relieves the itching, actual customers have said they use the SOLIS Pain Relief System! This safe, cost-effective, treatment option is reported to stop the itching of chigger bites and the device lasts a lifetime. Treatment is simple:

  • Moisten the skin in the area where the bites are located
  • Place the electrodes over the bites
  • Adjust the wheel until the sensation is strong
  • Hold in place 2-4 minutes
  • If the area of bites is large, reposition the device and repeat

Treat Chigger Bites Effectively at Home

These are just a few of the many home remedies that could help you effectively treat chigger bites. The biggest risk with any insect bite is a possible infection due to constant scratching due to the aggravating itch. Any of the above remedies will likely lessen the itch. Give them a try the next time you have the unfortunate experience of encountering a nest of chiggers.