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For people searching for pain relief and long-term pain management, the prognosis can sometimes appear bleak. Often, people resign themselves to a never-ending cycle of pharmaceuticals, most of which only mask the pain (not to mention the potential side effects they cause). Yet, clinical studies show that there’s a safe and effective alternative to those who deal with chronic pain: neuromodulation therapy.

Clinical Studies

The Effectiveness of Neuromodulation Therapy

Simply put, neuromodulation therapy stimulates the pain-blocking capabilities of the body, providing simple, prescription-free pain relief. Use of neuromodulation therapy can provide 8 or more hours of relief, which may be a life-changing development for those who struggle with chronic pain every day. This is why neuromodulation therapy has been cleared by the FDA to help with muscle strains, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain.

Pain studies performed over the years have provided credence to the efficacy of neuromodulation treatment. For example:

  • A recent study¹ showed that neuromodulation therapy is a superior modality for Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS). Not only can it provide convenient, patient-controlled use, but it also represents a cost savings over consistent pharmaceutical use.
  • Another study shows the efficacy of neuromodulation therapy by patients suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Some patients in the study were able to completely cease the use of pain-relieving medications due to the positive response of their central nervous system to this handheld therapy.

    1Studies are published in the "Sleep Medicine & Neurology 2016 Journal and the PainWeek 2016 Journal. For more information, contact Customer Service at Mid America Medical Innovations.

SOLIS Harnesses the Power of Neuromodulation Therapy

The SOLIS drug-free pain management system uses precise pulses to harness the power of neuromodulation therapy which provides both fast and superior pain relief to patients suffering from chronic pain due to various conditions. The results of clinical studies can be very convincing, but we believe the best way for you to understand the power of SOLIS is to try it at home for yourself. That’s why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. We know that once you feel the relief that SOLIS offers, you’ll be convinced.

Still have questions about SOLIS? Contact our customer service team today so we can help you make the best choice for your health!