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How Solis Relieves Pain Naturally

SOLIS Pain Relief System® relieves pain naturally in minutes. SOLIS can be used for muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, arthritis, and a wide variety of painful diagnosed conditions. Patented SOLIS technology utilizes transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation with gentle precise electric pulses for pain relief.

SOLIS is used by doctors, hospitals, and clinics for the effective management of pain. Exactly how neurostimulation relieves pain is somewhat of a mystery to experts but the Gate Control Theory of Pain Relief has been offered as an explanation of how electric pulses for pain relief bring you natural relief and can be as or more effective than drugs for pain management.

SOLIS is FDA cleared and brings you effective patented technology using gentle electric pulses for pain relief. SOLIS is easy to use, portable and relieves pain in minutes.

How Mild Electric Impulses Provide Pain Relief

SOLIS relieves pain naturally by triggering your body’s pain relief responses to relieve your pain. These natural pain-blocking responses within our bodies can relieve serious pain, unaided by pharmaceuticals. Mild electric pulses — part of SOLIS’s functionality — have been used for over 50 years to provide pain relief, and the reason this works remains a mystery. However, the most common theory to explain this natural phenomenon is based on the pain regulation theory proposed by Drs. Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall in 1965 called the Gate Control Theory of Pain. The below graphic explains the theory in a bit more detail.

The Gate Control Theory of Pain & the Nervous Systems

Many of us are aware that we have a central nervous system and a peripheral nervous system — the former consists of the spinal cord and brain while the latter consists of the nerves outside of them. Each nervous system processes pain signals in different ways. The Gate Control Theory of Pain considers both systems and explores the notion that pain levels are determined by how these two systems interact while sending pain signals to the brain. It suggests that a metaphorical ‘gate’ either blocks or allows pain to be registered by the brain and pain severity is dependent upon whether the nerve gates are open when signals are traveling to the brain.

The Gate Control Theory The Melzack-Wall Pain Gate (1965)

  • S Small Nerve Fibers

  • L Large Nerve Fibers

  • P Projection Cells

The spinal cord contains a neurological ‘gate’ that can either block pain signals or allow them to continue.

Large Fiber Input = Close Gate

The gate can differentiate between different pain signals in the nerve fibers.

Pain signals in small nerve fibers are allowed to pass through.

Small filber input = Gate Open

Pain signals in large nerve fibers are blocked.

Touch and Pain Perception

The nerves in our body are made up of different-sized fibers that perform distinct functions. Small nerve fibers carry pain signals to the brain. Large nerve fibers, on the other hand, carry non-pain messages, such as touch sensations, to the brain. According to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, these two nerve fibers have an inverse relationship with one another. This means that stimulating the large nerve fibers deactivates small nerve fibers, reducing your pain sensation.

Whenever you injure yourself, you automatically rub and touch the affected area. This instinctive reaction happens because touching stimulates the large, non-pain nerves. Stimulating non-pain nerves inhibits the activity of pain nerves. Fewer pain signals are transmitted to your brain, resulting in pain relief. The Gate Control Theory of Pain can possibly be used to explain why massaging and other touching activities are effective natural treatments for pain management.

SOLIS is an easy choice for your pain relief

Patented SOLIS technology is on the leading-edge of drug-free pain relief. SOLIS triggers the body’s natural-lasting pain relief response in minutes. Press and hold SOLIS for 2-4 minutes as directed for lasting relief — it’s that easy!

Take your SOLIS with you whenever you’re on the go and relieve your pain when you need it.

Get Natural Pain Relief

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