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Aerospace Engineer

"SOLIS has changed my life and I believe SOLIS can change your life too."       --Norm Schroeder

Aerospace Engineer took relief for his Restless Leg Syndrome into his own hands

Norm Schroeder is a retired aerospace engineer who has enjoyed a long and highly inventive career. He figured out how to do what had never been done before, participating in some of our country’s great historical events. For example, in the early 60’s, Norm was involved in Project Mercury. He assisted in solving such problems as how to keep the capsule’s structural integrity intact against extremely high amplitude sound waves during launch.

Later in his life, Norm began suffering from serious Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) that kept him awake at night. He cannot safely take RLS drugs and he didn’t want to take addictive opiates. In 2010, when his RLS became unbearable, this retired aerospace engineer who has a penchant for being unstoppable in solving problems, applied his electrical and scientific knowledge to blocking pain in the human body. And now we have the SOLIS Pain Relief System.

aerospace engineer

Norm’s device

When Norm used the SOLIS device he invented on himself, it worked so well that his RLS pain was virtually eliminated. He and his wife discussed that they would feel badly if they had a way to relieve pain and didn’t share it with others who were suffering. So, Norm embarked on the journey of making his invention available to the public.

The FDA first approved Norm’s device to be sold in 2014 by prescription only. And now SOLIS is available without a prescription.