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SOLIS Drug-Free Pain Relief System - Model 1000

$219.00 $449.00 saving $230.00 *free shipping
SOLIS Drug-Free Pain Relief System - Model 1000

Made in the USA

SOLIS Drug-Free Pain Relief System - Model 1000

$219.00 $449.00 saving $230.00 *free shipping

Made in the USA 

Free Shipping*

Customer Reviews

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SOLIS Medication-Free Pain Relief System

If you are tired of pain getting in the way of doing the things you enjoy, the SOLIS Pain Relief System may be your answer. Our device utilizes patented, advanced technology which has been proven effective in clinical studies and is recommended by doctors, clinics, and hospitals both for everyday pain and for long term pain management. Painkilling drugs can be dangerous, expensive, and they can take away from enjoying life. Nature provided all of us with body responses that relieve serious pain naturally and SOLIS can activate these responses for you in minutes.

The Science

The SOLIS Pain Relief System has been proven effective in clinical studies. The system gets to the root of your pain…or, rather, the nervous system, where you can apply penetrating pressure directly to the area of pain for relief in minutes. Your relief can last for eight hours or more which makes SOLIS ideal for long term pain management. This patented pain relief system was created by an expert. It is designed to be convenient and to make your life as enjoyable as possible. SOLIS can be your answer to a much better life without pain and drugs. It has been prescribed by doctors for years and is now available without prescription from this website directly to you.

Just press and hold SOLIS to the area of pain for 2-4 minutes. SOLIS surpasses other pain relief remedies with its highly specialized technology and does not require expensive monthly purchases of sticky disposable pads. SOLIS is ergonomically designed and easy to use. When using SOLIS, you can reduce or eliminate your pain medications, save money, and feel good again.

A person using the SOLIS Pain Relief System on their thigh
Image of the SOLIS Pain Relief System in its box, which is open, along with the user manuals and carrier bag

Try SOLIS For Yourself

If you’re curious about what puts SOLIS a cut above other devices and systems that claim to put your pain to rest, why not contact us today and try it for yourself? If SOLIS doesn’t provide you with the best long term pain management you’ve ever had, you can take advantage of our 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. We can’t think of a better way to show you our confidence in our system, and assure you of its quality at the same time! Stop suffering with chronic pain and start living your life to the fullest with SOLIS Pain Relief System today.

Summary of SOLIS features:

  • Drug-free with relief in minutes.
  • Used by doctors, clinics, and hospitals.
  • Lightweight, portable, take it with you when you are on the go.
  • No sticky pads to buy and nothing to wear.


  • SOLIS device
  • 9 V Battery
  • Travel bag
  • 2 oz tube of salt-free conductive gel
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual
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A man in a blue shirt using the SOLIS Pain Relief System on his arm

Our Mission Statement

Our absolute mission with the SOLIS Pain Relief System is to give customers the hope that a pain-free, drug-free life is possible. Whether they suffer from acute or chronic pain, we want to make sure they can get back to living their lives as normally as possible. Most importantly, we care hugely about our customers and want to walk with them on their journeys to a happier, pain-free life.

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Natural Pain Management Proven Effective in Clinical Studies

FDA Cleared - Patented Technology

The SOLIS Pain Relief System is FDA Cleared and is patented in the United States (US 9,037,269, Canada #2824687, EU #EP 283 7405 B1), India (Pat. Pending)

Deep Lasting Pain Relief in Minutes

SOLIS offers chronic pain sufferers serious management therapy with lasting relief in minutes, for a variety of pain related concerns and conditions.

Now Available Without a Prescription

Hospitals, clinics, doctors, and healthcare professionals have used and prescribed this product for years to treat common pain issues. Now you can get the remarkable SOLIS system without a prescription.

100% Medication & Prescription-Free

Get muscle pain relief without taking medications that can make you drowsy and/or sick.

No Expensive Sticky Pads

With handheld SOLIS Technology, therapy conduction can be applied directly from the SOLIS, through the skin, to your chronic pain. There are no disposable, rash-causing, sticky pads to buy over and over and there is nothing that you have to wear.

Made in the USA

Quality built and Made in America.

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I’ve used the SOLIS Pain Relief System in my Chiropractic Office for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I’ve seen great results with my patients in regards to painful muscles and tricky nerve pain. I love the idea that my patients can use the system at home and get the much needed relief from their injuries between their visits. The design makes it easy to hold for reaching different areas of the body. It has simple control functions which can address an array of injuries and allows anybody to use. I’m proud to have SOLIS in my office and part of my treatment protocol.

-Dr. Benjamin Horning, D.C www.drbenhorning.com

I used the SOLIS device when I was experiencing intense muscle spasms in my legs. The muscle spasms were so great that my foot was curling up. I was able to use the SOLIS on my foot and get relief from the muscle spasms. It took one treatment and I was muscle spasm free the entire night. I would recommend this product to anyone with acute muscle spasms.

-Rachel Wieberg, FNP-C (Nurse Practitioner)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SOLIS work?

Nature has provided our bodies with natural pain-blocking body responses that can effectively block serious pain without drugs. SOLIS is FDA cleared as a chronic pain relief system by effectively triggering this natural pain-blocking response and has greatly improved so many lives.

Do I need a prescription for SOLIS?

The SOLIS pain relief system is now available over the counter. When you order from our website you even get free shipping!

Is SOLIS good for long term pain management?

We would like to think so, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can read a multitude of reviews from satisfied customers that used to suffer from chronic pain just like you until they gave our patented SOLIS system a try. The device is great for long term pain management because its relieving effects can last for 8 hours or longer! When you browse our website, you’ll find many testimonials from physicians that use SOLIS in their own practice every day.

Is the SOLIS Pain Relief System easy to use?

Yes. We designed SOLIS to be as simple as pressing against your skin for maximum pain control. But in case you need some extra help, you can Download Our Quick Start Guide.

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