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Naturally Relieve Pain in Minutes with the Solis Pain Relief System

Do you want to relieve your chronic or acute pain without risking drug dependency or spending thousands of dollars on prescriptions?

That is why SOLIS has become the #1 choice for those seeking a fast and effective way to naturally provide relief.

SOLIS’ Advanced Technology is used by hospitals, clinics, doctors, and health care professionals, and is FDA cleared with new patented technology.

Now you can feel better all day and enjoy a pain free, prescription free life with SOLIS’ natural pain relief technology.

Get Natural Pain Relief for Muscles, Joints, Nerves, Arthritis and a Wide Variety of Chronic Pain Conditions.

SOLIS is easy to use and great for muscle pain relief.

Moisten the skin over the area of pain
Press Solis against skin directly over area of pain.
Adjust the dial setting
Press and hold for 2–4 minutes!

Use SOLIS to Relieve Your Chronic Pain

Common Diagnosed Conditions that Cause Chronic Pain:
Illustration of two hands open with a blue box around them
Simple illustration of the back with a grey outline
Back and Joints
Grey illustration of the bottom of two legs with lines along them to indicate restless leg syndrome
Illustration of a hand with a blue box on the wrist area
Carpal Tunnel
Grey illustration of two feet with small lines to indicate veins, and someone with neuropathy
Stick figure illustration with blue lines criss-crossed behind
Basic illustration of a brain with lines indicating different nerve receptors
Nerve Pain
Grey illustration of a nerve in someone with multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis
Illustration of a flexed bicep with wiggly lines to indicate muscle cramps
Muscle Cramps
Illustration of the upper torso with a blue circle circling the shoulder
Strains and Pain
Illustration of an arm bent at the elbow, surrounded by a blue box with a line within the arm to indicate where tennis elbow occurs
Tennis Elbow
Illustration of the bottom of two feet, circled by a blue circle
Plantar Fasciitis

Natural Pain Management Proven Effective in Clinical Studies

Three separate clinical studies have proven SOLIS to be effective for lasting symptomatic pain relief. Now, you can feel better all day while experiencing the muscle pain relief that SOLIS provides.

A grandmother holding hands and dancing with a young girl outside
FDA Cleared - Patented Technology

The SOLIS Pain Relief System is FDA Cleared and is patented in the United States (US 9,037,269, Canada #2824687, EU #EP 283 7405 B1), India (Pat. Pending)


Deep Lasting Pain Relief in Minutes

SOLIS offers chronic pain sufferers serious management therapy with lasting relief in minutes, for a variety of pain related concerns and conditions.

Now Available Without a Prescription

Hospitals, clinics, doctors, and healthcare professionals have used and prescribed this product for years to treat common pain issues. Now you can get the remarkable SOLIS system without a prescription.

100% Medication & Prescription-Free

Get muscle pain relief without taking medications that can make you drowsy and/or sick.

No Expensive Sticky Pads

With SOLIS Technology, therapy conduction can be applied directly from the SOLIS, through the skin, to your chronic pain. There are no disposable, rash-causing, sticky pads to buy over and over and there is nothing that you have to wear.

Made in the USA

Quality built and Made in America.

Ready to get started? Experience quality pain relief for yourself and make chronic pain a thing of the past when you use SOLIS.