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People with pain agree that SOLIS is the best way to keep doing the things they love.

"With SOLIS I can enjoy my gardening again"
The pain took the joy out of my gardening but with SOLIS, now I can enjoy gardening again.
"I've had lower back pain for years and nothing seemed to work until I tried SOLIS"
Several rounds of steroid shots did not stop my back pain. Then I tried SOLIS and my back pain was gone. Now I can do the things I enjoy again.
"SOLIS relieves the pain in my legs and now I can enjoy marathons again"
The pain got so bad in my legs that I couldn't enjoy running. A few minutes using SOLIS and I can enjoy running again.
"I absolutely love SOLIS."
I’ve used the SOLIS Pain Relief System in my Chiropractic Office for quite some time now and I absolutely love it! I’ve seen great results with my patients in regards to painful muscles and tricky nerve pain. I love the idea that my patients can use the system at home and get the much needed relief from their injuries between their visits. The design makes it easy to hold for reaching different areas of the body. It has simple control functions which can address an array of injuries and allows anybody to use. I’m proud to have SOLIS in my office and part of my treatment protocol.
– Dr. Benjamin Horning, D.C. www.drbenhorning.com
"After one treatment with SOLIS, I was muscle spasm free the entire night."
I used the Solis device when I was experiencing intense muscle spasms in my legs. The muscle spasms were so great that my foot was curling up. I was able to use the Solis on my foot and get relief from the muscle spasms. It took one treatment and I was muscle spasm free the entire night. I would recommend this product to anyone with acute muscle spasms.
– Rachel Wieberg, FNP-C (Nurse Practitioner)
"SOLIS is a great alternative to medications"
I am a healthcare provider and have recommended the Solis pain relief device to several patients who suffer from chronic pain. They have used this device for about 1 year and report significant reduction of both nerve and muscle pain. They say it dulls high pain so they can sleep more deeply; stopped shooting pains quickly so they can focus on other things, and has allowed them to work their job more comfortably. This device is a great alternative to medications so one can live life with less pain. I highly recommend it. – Lauren Kramer, Ph.D. Psychologist
“Now I am pain free and take no medications”
I have periodic pain in three places in my right arm, pain in my right foot, and 2 places in my upper back just to the right of my neck. With a full work schedule, before I started using the Solis, I frequently needed muscle relaxants and pain medication. The medications made me feel tired, groggy, and debilitated which interfered with my work. The Solis has changed all that. Now I am pain free all day and take no medication. It is wonderful feeling great every day. – Christine
“SOLIS is great for muscle cramps and chigger bites”
We use the Solis device to treat muscle cramps and relieve the itch from chigger bites. It really works well on strained muscles and totally eliminates chigger bite irritation. We highly recommend SOLIS. – Jim
“SOLIS has totally changed my life"
I have severe Restless Leg Syndrome and felt very bad all day from lack of sleep. RLS medications gave me serious side effects. The Solis relieved my symptoms so fast... now I use the Solis each night for 5 minutes on each leg before going to sleep and sleep all night through. I keep the Solis with me in my purse in case I have RLS symptoms during the day. I am so thankful for the Solis... it has totally changed my life. – Becky
“I couldn't believe it... My level 10+ pain was reduced"
I had knee replacements over five years ago and I have had Fibromyalgia all over my body for many years. I have needed a cane to walk since the knee replacement because of serious pain around my knees. I was skeptical at first but when I tried the Solis on the right side of my right leg and then on the left side of my left leg. I couldn’t believe it. Within a couple of minutes, my severe level 10+ pain was greatly reduced. I got up and walked around the room and I didn’t need my cane. Now I use the Solis as needed for my knees and Fibromyalgia. The Solis has completely changed my life. – Donna
“I can bowl again since I started using SOLIS”
I had been bowling for over ten years until pain started in my lower back and knees. The pain took away all the fun. My back was killing me and I am a diabetic with serious pain in my knees. With all the back and knee pain, I gave up on bowling completely. I tried the SOLIS and now get lasting relief from all the pain. I am now back on the bowling team and enjoying life again. – Gary
“SOLIS has helped me get off narcotic medications”
I have had serious Fibromyalgia like symptoms all over my body for a long time. If I would not have used the Solis Pain Relief System to help get off pain medications, I may not be here because these medications were covering up an underlying problem (tick borne illness) that leads to death if not treated. SOLIS has helped me get off prescribed narcotic pain medications that I have been using for years, I was able to get a proper pain diagnosis and work on the underlying issue that was causing the Fibromyalgia like symptoms. The Solis relieves the pain and now exercise can become a regular part of my life. I no longer need prescription medications. With all the health insurance problems and high medication cost, the SOLIS has been a miracle for me. Now I use only natural remedies and the SOLIS Pain Relief System. Life is good with the SOLIS. – Julie
“I’m Using SOLIS Instead of Medications and Now I Feel Good Again.”
The Solis relieves my Restless Leg Syndrome. I used to take RLS medication every day, usually before bedtime. All the medications were making me feel bad but I had no choice but to take them. Now I don’t need to take these medications any more. I feel good again. The Solis is such a wonderful device. – Carla
“On a scale of 10, I give SOLIS is a 9”
I give Solis Pain Relief System a 9 out of 10, based on quality, convenience, and ease of use. The only reason it did not give it a 10 out of 10, is because my pain is hard to reach and I need someone to hold it for me. – Andrea
“After using SOLIS, the terrible pain in my hip went away.”
The pain in my legs and right hip were unbearable at times. I tried the Solis and the pain in my leg and hip completely went away. The muscles in my leg and hip felt so relaxed that I felt I could take a nap. After using the Solis, I can get a good night’s sleep again without pain. – Marty
“Now I can carry my baby and no back pain.”
Sometimes when carrying my baby a lot, my lower back would hurt so bad that I was unable to work. At times the pain was unbearable and I was unable to get up in the morning. With SOLIS, I am able to carry my baby with no worry. SOLIS allows me to manage my pain and easily keep it under control. – Nicci
“I never use the SOLIS gel. water works just fine.”
I love my SOLIS. It works really well on my legs for the burning, pain, and tingling. I am now able to get better movement in my legs. This is a great improvement for me. Also I want to mention that I never use the Gel. Water works just fine. – Cindy
“SOLIS reduces my leg and foot pain from level 10 to 2.”
I have pain in my legs and right foot. The Solis reduces my pain from a level 10 to level 2. The relief can last 2 days. I am now able to discontinue prescription pain killers and use a small amount of Ibuprofen for the level 2 pain. – Karl
“SOLIS relieves my fibromyalgia all day.”
I suffer from Fibromyalgia and also have chronic pain in my back. I started using the Solis on the Fibromyalgia pain points and the pain in my back in the morning. Now I can go all day without pain. It’s a relief knowing I have something to help rid myself of pain and not have to take all those pain killers. – Paula
“I’m feeling good and can get around so much better.”
For a long time now, I had been down in the back, hips, and legs bilaterally. I needed something badly. Then I tried the Solis. After using the Solis I am so excited... Now I am feeling good and can get around so much better. Thank you Solis. – Rosemary
“With SOLIS, I no longer need shots for my pain.”
I had been getting shots for the pain in my upper arm and forearm. Then I tried the Solis for my pain. After using the Solis Pain Relief System in both places for 4 minutes, my pain was completely gone. This is wonderful and no medications are needed anymore. – Judy
“Solis has made my life worth living again.”
I am writing because the Solis has made my life worth living again. I am so grateful for the Solis and there are no words for me to explain the relief in my legs. I am so grateful for the Solis. – Linda

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