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A Revolutionary Journey to Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome

Revolutionary results for RLS

Imagine your state of mind if you were diagnosed with a condition that did not have a known cure. Perhaps there was an experimental option, but no proof of a light at the end of the tunnel. Imagine if you have tried multiple treatment options and you still have been unable to find something that works. That’s the story for millions of people who suffer from restless leg syndrome - until one man became determined to change that story.

An Overview of Restless Leg Syndrome

First, it is important to understand what restless leg syndrome (RLS) is because there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Similar to other medical conditions, the symptoms of restless leg syndrome can vary widely from patient to patient. The main symptom is the onset of “jumpy” legs that usually occur in the evening. This sensation makes it difficult or even impossible for someone who suffers from this syndrome to relax, sit still, or go to sleep at night.

Because RLS causes people to wake up in the middle of the night, their only option is to get up and walk around to work the restlessness out of their legs so they can go back to bed. Clearly, this is a major quality-of-life issue and makes it difficult for people to wake up the next morning feeling rested.

A Story from a Patient with Restless Leg Syndrome

One aerospace engineer who was suffering from restless leg syndrome decided to take matters into his own hands. This gentleman is Norm Schroeder, the creator of the SOLIS Pain Relief System. Even though he had already enjoyed an inventive career, the engineering skills never left him. Previously involved in Project Mercury, Norm had solved a lot of issues directly related to the early stages of spaceflight. Later in his life, he began to suffer from RLS and could not find a way to stay asleep at night. This was having an adverse impact on his quality of life and he refused to take medications that could be addictive just to help him sleep. Therefore, he applied his experience in the scientific, electrical, and engineering worlds in order to find a way to block pain in the human body. That led to the birth of the SOLIS Pain Relief System. 

Norm Schroeder inventor of SOLIS - 1

The first person Norm used this device to help was himself. Because it worked so well, his RLS symptoms were virtually eliminated. He and his wife knew they would feel guilty if he didn’t share his discovery with the rest of the world. Therefore, Norm worked with the FDA to make his invention available to the public. Now it is available without requiring a prescription!

Norm Schroeder inventor of SOLIS - 2

SOLIS Provides Pain Relief and Hope To Those Looking for Answers

Ultimately, the SOLIS Pain Relief System was developed not by scientists working in a research laboratory in some distant land, but by someone who was looking for a pain relief option - someone who is incredibly intelligent, persistent, and motivated to not only help himself but also others who suffer from similar conditions. Even though he had tried and failed in the past, he refused to give up until he found something that worked. That led to the birth of SOLIS and an effective pain relief option that is already trusted by many people all over the world. SOLIS provides an effective natural treatment option for Restless Leg Syndrome that works in minutes

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