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What to Look for In an Alternative Pain Management Solution

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Studies show at least 100 million Americans, and more than 1.5 billion people worldwide, live with the devastating effects of chronic pain. Most people who live with chronic pain report problems sleeping at night and concentrating during the day. They also report decreased energy levels, depression, anxiety, and a diminishing enjoyment of life.

If chronic pain is part of your life, you are likely searching for an alternative pain management system—something that can help you live pain-free and pill-free.

Why Pills Don’t Typically Work for Pain

A pain management system is a way to manage your pain levels to get back to the lifestyle you remember prior to the pain. There are many different types of pain management. Some use a regimen of medications that sends chemicals throughout the body causing many unknown and unwanted side effects. Some of these side effects can be dangerous and worse than the pain they are meant to manage in the first place. In some cases, it may take years for the side effects to become known, and by the time they are discovered, it is too late to reverse the effects.

It’s likely that you’ve already been down this road looking for body pain relief and have come up empty. The relief, if you’re even able to attain it, is not worth the risk of dependency and unknown side effects. This is why many patients are starting to look for alternative pain management approaches that take a more holistic approach and look at the effect on the entire body. The real goal is to manage your pain at a level that allows you to raise your quality of life. Medications don’t typically offer that hope.

What Pain Management System Is Right For Me?

When searching for an alternative pain management system, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Does it work for my pain?” You would never want to treat your foot if your pain is in your shoulder. The same thought process applies to searching for the right pain management system. You need to find a method of treatment that can provide targeted relief to the exact area of the body that’s in pain.

Next ask yourself, “Why does this product exist?” Was it invented to solve a specific problem or was it produced to be enticing and make a sale? A perfect example of this is the fidget-spinner. This is a product that served a very limited useful purpose, yet millions and millions were sold. They served no real purpose for the majority of the population, but everyone wanted one. It was produced to entice people to spend their hard-earned money. If it is unclear why a certain pain management system was originally invented, you may want to keep looking. The best products today that make the biggest impacts on people’s lives were invented to solve a specific need.

Finally, you should ask yourself, “Does science support the claims made by the alternative pain management system, or are they simply claims made to entice you to spend your money?” Have there been any scientific studies conducted to show that the product actually works? Is the company confident in the quality of their product? What is the return policy if the product does not work?

Additionally, consider the following when deciding if you will actually use the system for the long-term:

  • Will I need to purchase supplies every month to be able to use the system? If that’s the case, what’s the true cost of the system if I am to use it for a year?
  • Do I continuously have to wear some unsightly accessory or constantly manage wires?

In the end, you must decide if the system will meet your goal of providing body pain relief and improving your quality of life. It’s a question only you can answer!

Consider the SOLIS Pain Relief System for Managing Your Pain

If you are dealing with the effects of chronic pain, you owe it to yourself to consider the SOLIS Pain Relief System. SOLIS harnesses the power of neuromodulation therapy to provide targeted pain relief exactly where you need it the most. SOLIS was invented by aerospace engineer Norm Schroeder to help him cope with chronic leg pain. The results were too good to keep to himself, and now this FDA-cleared alternative pain management system is available to customers around the country with no prescription needed.

Sound intriguing? Contact us to learn more about this life-changing product!