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What SOLIS Users Are Saying

“I bought the SOLIS and it is beyond belief. My back and knees now feel wonderful. It is really hard to believe how well the SOLIS works. I can live without pain again.”
— Michael Green 

“I had been bowling for over ten years until pain started in my lower back and knees. The pain took away all the fun. My back was killing me and I am a diabetic with serious pain in my knees. With all the back and knee pain, I gave up on bowling completely. I tried the SOLIS and now get lasting relief from all the pain. I am now back on the bowling team and enjoying life again.”
— Gary Ruengert 

“I used the SOLIS when I was experiencing intense muscle spasms in my legs. The muscle spasms were so great that my foot was curling up. I was able to use the SOLIS on my foot and get relief from the muscle spasms. It took one treatment and I was muscle spasm free the entire night. I would recommend the SOLIS to anyone with muscle spasms.”
— Rachel Wieberg, FNP-C (Nurse Practitioner)

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