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Walking to Relieve Pain and Stress

Walking to Relieve Pain and Stress

Most people know that exercise, including walking, is a great way to stay in shape and alleviate stress. Did you know that exercise can also help you alleviate pain? Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek the help of a medical professional. If you are suffering from pain, exercise might be the furthest thing from your mind; however, exercise releases endorphins that improves your mood while alleviating pain. The best part is...all you do is walk. How can you turn your walk into something fun? Take a look at the tips below.

Learn Something New

We all know that traditional treadmills are boring and mind-numbing.  If you are  for pain and stress relief, consider learning something new. There's a good chance you already walk with earbuds, instead of just listening to popular music, maybe listen to talk radio or a podcast. If these do not interest you, find an audio book that teaches you self improvement ideas. 

Find a Walking Buddy

If possible, convince a friend or family member to walk with you. If you walk with a buddy, you can remain accountable to each other, making it easier to your exercise routine. Furthermore, you can deepen your relationship with one of your family members or friends. You might even be able to get a group of people together to walk with you. Having someone with whom you can communicate during your walk allows you to get a bit more out of your walking routine.

Change Up the Route

Walking the same old track or route is boring. Turn your walk into a mind engaging activity by walking someplace new. You may want to start by walking around your neighborhood. Then, you could challenge yourself a bit more by walking along some hiking trails. If the weather outside is bad, you can always walk inside the mall.  Zoos are always a great place to walk for exercise while giving your eyes something to see. Once you start walking you will be amazed at all the things you have been missing just outside your door.

Turn It into a Treasure Hunt

Do you want to turn your walk into a treasure hunt? If so, you might want to check out something called Geocaching, which is the world's largest treasure hunt. You can take a look at some of the awesome treasures that might be hidden in your area. When you go for a walk, you can search for the hidden treasure box. When you find the treasure, take an item from the box and leave an item for the next person to find. This is a great way to make your walk fun.

Walk with All Five Senses

Finally, make sure you walk with all five senses. Take your time when you walk. Notice things that are around you. Take note of what you hear, see, smell, and feel along the way. Consider starting a journal. Write down the good and the bad that your senses experience along your walk. Soon your walk will not be about exercise but an adventure.

Walk it Off! 

Develop a comprehensive plan for addressing pain relief, then start by walking. Exercise is an important part of remaining healthy, controlling pain, and alleviating stress. Especially for someone suffering from chronic pain, exercise doesn't have to be hard core and intense...it can simply mean treating your body to fresh air and sunshine, and a casual walk around the block. Start slow and add a few minutes each day or week. It's important to avoid dwelling on what you can't do, or on your physical limitations...instead focus on what you can do. Take advantage of these tips, and make your walk just a bit more fun and interesting! When it's fun, you're more inclined to walk more often. It will lift your spirits and brighten your mood, and the physical benefit of staying as healthy as possible will give your body the tools it needs to better curb pain naturally. 

If you experience pain when walking, the SOLIS Pain Relief System is a portable device that can be used in just a few minutes to allow you to continue your walk without the pain.