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Is It Possible to Live Without Pain?

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The short answer is: “No, it is not possible to live without pain.”

Pain is the body’s warning system that signals that there is either an immediate problem or a problem ahead. Pain is much like a stoplight: it appears in different colors or levels. Lack of pain or the green light means full speed ahead, with nothing to slow you down. Small to medium pain levels equate to a yellow warning light, and it is time to evaluate. Is there something wrong, and do I need to stop before the problem gets more severe, or is it just a passing pain, and I have time to go on through the yellow light and down the pathway of life?

Then there is severe pain or the bright red light. This pain makes you stop your existence and inhibits you from enjoying life. With this type of pain, there is undoubtedly something wrong. There are different kinds of pain, acute and chronic, but either type can make you stop, much like the red stoplight. Getting pain control feels difficult here.

The Benefits of Pain Signalling Systems in the Body

The body uses pain to warn us that we must deal with problems if we want to survive; it is our pain control alarm clock. At first glance, the idea of a pain-free life would seem to be ideal but imagine for a moment that the body did not have this warning system. Imagine if someone only found out that they have an incurable disease in the final stages because the body had not sent any warning signs. Without pain, people would be unaware of dangerous situations, so the fact is that pain in itself is not the enemy; it is good for us and is a fantastic communicator.

Still, people desire a pain-free life, so there would be no need for pain control. We crave this pain-free life so much that scientists make a living searching for the perfect pain relief solutions, and pharmaceutical companies make billions in profits every year providing the magic bullet that cures all pain.

Ask yourself a question. Would a world without pain genuinely be painless? It is likely that the lack of this warning system would inflict some of the worst pain with no pain control. The chance of cures for a disease would nearly be eliminated because no one would even know they had the disease until it was too late. Loved ones would be lost with little to no warning due to causes that today have a very high cure rate.

Our own lives would be shortened due to the lack of ability to know that we have a problem. Also, consider the mental pain that we would endure due to the uncertainty that we would most certainly feel a sense of dread when something would come along and wipe out our life.

Pain not only tells us when something is wrong or warns us of what not to do, but it also helps to strengthen us physically and mentally. Although the cliché “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is overused, it is also true. Pain helps you learn to cope with inevitable difficulties that you will encounter in your life, which gives you the strength to carry on even when hardships occur.

Living With, and Overcoming, Pain

When a person experiences pain and can overcome the pain to continue being a productive individual, it brings a great sense of accomplishment. No longer a servant to the pain but now the master of it because you control the pain. It is unnecessary to rid ourselves entirely of the pain; we merely need to overcome the pain’s ability to control our lives.

Many alternative medical treatments, such as home remedies for pain relief, have been proven to help you control your pain. Still, they all require the user to be fully invested and take the responsibility and time to use them effectively.

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