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Sports & Conditioning Trends You Need to Know About

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When people think of physical fitness trends, they often think of meteoric crazes such as the Ab Roller, TaeBo, or Jazzercise. These trends hit the market with great fanfare but typically fizzled out after a short period of time. Because of this, as soon as you hear the word “trend” when dealing with sports conditioning, you may immediately tune out. After all, you’re looking for something that will help you with your strength conditioning or pain management over the long term, not something that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

Yet, there are several conditioning trends that are sweeping the nation right now that aren’t fly-by-night sensations. These sports conditioning movements are based on sound science and—best of all—they aren’t one-hit-wonder fads.

Here at SOLIS, we want our customers to live life to the fullest. To help you get your body to its peak performance, we keep an eye on the latest trends in the physical fitness world. Here are three current physical fitness trends we’re most excited about.

Exciting Sports Conditioning Trends: High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training, commonly called HIIT, is a form of training that alternates high-intensity periods of workout with less strenuous ones. One of the best parts about HIIT is that there’s no singular way to train. Each HIIT session can be tailored to your specific workout or physical needs. The overall goal of HIIT is to improve your overall stamina by pushing yourself to your physical limits without overworking yourself.

A HIIT aerobic workout typically consists of one period of workout at 100% effort, then another period of medium effort (around 50%), then a cooldown period. After these three periods, you cycle through them again several more times. The duration of each period, as well as the overall time of training, will vary for each individual. You can learn more about this aerobic trend from the Mayo Clinic.

The health benefits of HIIT include more effective calorie burning, a lowered insulin resistance, as well as improved VO2max. Give it a try and we think you’ll agree that it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Exciting Sports Conditioning Trends: Personal Trainers

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The worldwide coronavirus pandemic caused a seismic shift in how Americans look at exercise. Your local neighborhood gym has likely been significantly altered due to the lasting effects of the pandemic. Yet, one of the physical fitness trends we hope is here to stay from this period of time is the re-emergence of personal trainers.

We understand that personal trainers never really stopped plying their trade over the years, but their popularity had dwindled. However, as gyms closed and local YMCA’s have shuttered, personal trainers were uniquely positioned to help people achieve their physical fitness goals in a safe and socially distant manner.

So many people are intimidated by the typical gym or health club experience, yet feel much more at ease when guided under the tutelage of a personal trainer. Not only can a trainer provide a wealth of knowledge, but they can also tailor a workout regimen to a person’s specific needs. We’re thankful for the resurgence of the personal trainer and are hopeful this trend continues.

Exciting Sports Conditioning Trends: Neuromodulation Therapy

For far too long, sports therapy has been dominated by pharmaceuticals. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or a light exerciser, the reliance on pills to treat pain has not always been the miracle it was thought to be. Although pharmaceuticals can be effective in some situations, they come with baggage. Not only can they be expensive, but there’s the fear of dependence as well (along with a host of other troublesome issues).

However, the development of neuromodulation therapy has been a welcome trend in the field of sports conditioning and therapy. This medical breakthrough harnesses the power of your own nervous system to provide targeted pain relief directly to the area of the body that’s suffering. No pills and no fear of dependence. Neuromodulation is the sports conditioning trend that so many people have been looking for!

SOLIS uses neuromodulation to provide long-lasting pain relief. Our customers agree that our system isn’t a flash in the pan. Rather, it’s a proven system that allows people with chronic pain to enjoy life again. If you’re curious if SOLIS can help you, contact us today so we can answer your questions!